Marklin C-Track – The Solution To An Impossible Task

C-Track is sturdy, electrically reliable and realistic in appearance. It will satisfy children as well as demanding adult model railroaders, which means we have succeeded in solving what most people would consider a problem with no solution.

See the bottom of this page for a full comparison of C-Track vs. K-Track to help you choose which one is right for you.

The details of this solution:


  • reliable Marklin system with stud contact center conductor
  • mechanically sturdy click connec tions for fast setup and takedown• finely detailed, sturdy plastic roadbed
  • protected electric connections without rail joiners
  • connections, wiring, solenoid mechanisms, decoders out of sight in the roadbed
  • expansion in steps with turnout mechanisms and decoders
  • any track can serve as a feeder track
  • optimal geometry requires fewer I parts and adjustment sections
  • adapter tracks to the M and K Track
  • realistic appearance with low rail cross section
  • solid rails with air space between the roadbed and the rail
  • reliable operation for all Marklin HO locomotives and cars from the mid 1950s on
  • very little running noise and high reliability


C Track – The Track With The “Click”


Straight or diagonally, from above or below, just ‘click;

  • the tracks together
  • the guides snap together reassuringly
  • and they come apart just as easily, with a simple ‘click’


The plug-in connection with the “Click”


The unique plug-in connection is the key feature of C Track: just a slight push with your hands – the mechanical and electrical connection is simultaneously made and safely locked in place. The locking connection with the “Click” holds the tracks together on the layout in a way that is reliable for operation and geometrically precise. To separate the tracks, simply bend them against one another; the lock connection is undone. This unique plug-in connection is patented (DBP 40 33 440).


Setup in no time at all


Even larger layouts can be set up in a few minutes with the ready-to run track sections and the fast locking connection.

Sturdy and long-lasting


The track and its roadbed are made of high quality materials designed to keep their shape and sustain heavy loads. C Track is durable and is almost indestructible even when it is put together and take apart constantly or subjected to the hardest operation.

The finished track structure


All sections of C Track are ready for installation; they require no additional handling or processing. The track structure does not have to be cut and above all does not have to be ballasted.

Reliable center rail operation


Common ground for the running rails and for accessories. Control with conventional Marklin transformers, in the DELTA multi-train control system or in the Marklin Digital system Any track pattern possible without extensive wiring (example: reverse loops and wyes)

The roadbed


The roadbed for the track has a striking ballast structure in the color of aged basalt ballast. The width of the roadbed (40 mm / 1-9/16″) enables any and all track combinations without the necessity of cutting the slope of the roadbed.


 The striking profile


The new profile rails are made of rust-free steel with a high degree of stability. The cross section with a profile height of 2.3 mm / 3/32″ (Code 90) almost corresponds to a scale rail profile. The rails are prototypically mounted with an air space beneath the web of the rail.


Ideal dimensions for track roadbed

The cross section of the track provides the proportions for a realistic track roadbed on a rail line. The full width remains preserved even at a turnout or crossing. There is sufficient space between the tracks for catenary or signals.


Good Connections

The mechanical and electrical connections for the track sections cannot be seen from the outside. This results in a perfect, complete visual impression. Rail joiners are not

needed. The snap-together connection locks the track sections to one another. This keeps the track geometry of a layout in precise alignment without the need to fasten the track down.


Track feeder connections instead of feeder tracks

With C Track each track section can be used for feeder wire connections, instead of having additional feeder tracks. The feeder wire set with standard spade connectors can be plugged directly onto the contact lugs present at both ends of each track section.


Space for all sorts of uses

The roadbed for the C Track offers all sorts of useful space which has been prepared for the installation of electrical and mechanical components as well as for incorporation of a layout’s wiring.


The Track that Conducts your Data


Requirements for digital operation

The most important requirement for reliable operation of digital layouts was taken into consideration right from the start in the design of C Track: continuous, reliable contact for transmission of rapid digital data.


Digital decoders on the spot

The small installation digital decoders for turnouts, signals and other digitally control accessories can be installed under the roadbed.


Power and data directly in the track

C Track is perfectly designed for the way in which the Digital system functions: The electrical power and the digital data are constantly transmitted through the track.